Dolang’s DLDS-532 Equipment Was Selected As the Competition Platform for the China Light Industry Vocational Skills Competition

China Light Industry Vocational Skills Competition– the National Simulation Vocational Skills Competition Finals kicked off at Shandong Light Industry Vocational College in Zibo City On January 19th.

With the theme of “New Era, New Skills, New Dreams”, this competition is hosted by the China Light Industry Federation and China Industrial Cooperation Association. It has two competition categories: digital twin application technician and virtual reality engineering technician, both of which have employee groups and student group. More than a hundred contestants from all provinces and cities across the country participated in this competition

DLDS-532 Industrial Network Intelligent Control And Maintenance System

Sino-German Dolang will take this competition as a new starting point. While fully cooperating and ensuring the service work of various competitions, Sino-German Dolang will actively create an industry that adapts to the needs of industrial development and the needs of college training with solid industry experience, high-quality products and services. The industrial Internet collaborative manufacturing platform actively contributes to the cultivation of high-quality technical and skilled personnel in the industrial Internet collaborative manufacturing industry and the construction of a modern industrial system.

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