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Robotic Training System

Robotic training equipment is a scaled-down version of the actual equipment. It meets the needs of training vocational school students’ practical ability.

Robotics training is a course offered by all vocational schools. Robotics-related majors include industrial robotics technology, industrial robot application and maintenance, and mechatronic technology. Therefore, vocational schools are in great demand for robotics training kits.

Students simulate operations using equipment, such as training industrial robot installation, parameter setting, operation mode, operation speed, etc. Industrial robot training equipment can provide up to 30 kinds of training projects. Therefore, the industrial robot training equipment is fully functional and suitable for teaching various majors.

Dolang equipment has been exported to more than 70 countries and regions worldwide, serving universities and colleges. It is deeply loved by teachers and students. Dolang Group has sponsored equipment for the world-class vocational skills competition through the inspections of the competition organizing committee many times and helped promote the development of vocational education.

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