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Building Management System Training Device

Building management system is an important component of informatization. Some developed countries attached importance to building intelligence decades ago. And now, more and more countries are paying attention to it. Building management system involves many aspects, such as smart plumbing and heating, connecting a computer with some devices (monitor, elevator, parking lot…) Its huge functions are beyond our expectations. Dolang comprehensively considers vocational schools’ teaching needs and designs building management system training equipment for teachers and students according to training contents. There are various devices for customers. You can look through it to find the one you need.

What Is BMS Training?

A building management system (BMS) is a computer-based control system that manages and monitors a building's mechanical and electrical equipment, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and security. A BMS trainer is designed to simulate real-life building systems and provide hands-on training for professionals to understand and manage these systems effectively. Proper BMS courses are also available for the trainees.

Advantages of BMS Trainers

Advantages of BMS trainers include the ability to practice troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair tasks in a safe and controlled environment. Trainees can gain practical experience working with different BMS systems and learn how to optimize energy efficiency while maintaining occupant comfort and reducing costs.

Training projects that can be performed using BMS equipment include temperature control, lighting control, HVAC system optimization, and security system management. These projects are designed to give trainees a comprehensive understanding of BMS technology and the skills required to manage and operate these systems effectively.

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