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Pneumatic Training and Hydraulic Training Equipment

Hydraulic and pneumatic training equipment are suitable for hydraulic training and pneumatic transmission courses in numerical control technology, mold design and manufacture, machinery manufacturing, industrial automation, and other related mechanical and electrical majors.
These vocational training kits are the five alternatives:
Basic pneumatics training
Basic hydraulic training
Transparent hydraulic training
Hydraulic troubleshooting training
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission Integrated Training
These five pieces of equipment have the same and different training projects. The same is they can train basic operations of hydraulics and pneumatics. The differences are the characteristic training contents, which offer customers more options.

Pneumatics training and hydraulics training equipment are industrial training equipment that uses air pressure (pneumatic) or fluid pressure (hydraulic) to power and control machinery.

In pneumatic training equipment, compressed air creates motion, and controls valves, cylinders, etc. This type of equipment is often used in the manufacturing, automotive, and robotics industries. Its major advantages are that its safe to use, reliable and efficient. On the other hand, hydraulic systems are often used in heavy industry and construction to provide the power needed to move large loads. It is durable and highly precise, enabling it to manage delicate or complex operations.

Both pneumatic and hydraulic training kits can be used to train students in various skills and industries. For example, their maintenance training programs help learners in manufacturing and other industrial settings. It is essential for industrial maintenance technicians. Pneumatic controls training is used in robotics to create motion and control arms and other moving parts, whereas hydraulic systems are used in heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and cranes.

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