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Motor Control Trainer

Dolang is a professional vocational training equipment manufacturer, and its motor control trainers gain wide praise from customers. Motor control is an important part of industrial control. So, motor control training is a typical learning content in engineering majors, such as industrial automation, electrical automation, mechatronics…
Dolang supplies 4 motor control trainer kits involving:

  • Servo motor training
  • Two-axis servo motor motion control training
  • Electric motor and transformer comprehensive training
  • Motor and transformer maintenance and test training

These 4 motor control kits have various application ranges, such as PLC control, factory automation engineering, electrical control training…, and can train a lot of projects. It provides a platform for vocational school students to improve their operation ability in industrial control.

Vocational training equipment is used to provide hands-on training to individuals in various industries to acquire the necessary skills and experience for a particular job.

The purpose of PLC and motor control training equipment is to teach the students technical knowledge and skills so they can show their best in practical/ professional life. Motor controls training equipment is designed to simulate real-world working conditions, enabling students to handle the tools safely and effectively. It is basically the real-life trailer of a particular job. For example, this includes training in Servo motors, Electric motors, transformers, Industrial Basic Motor Control with PLC, etc.

Industrial Motor Control Training with PLC is a program that teaches students basic motor control training skills in industrial settings using programmable logic controllers (PLCs). This program provides a detailed understanding of basic concepts like power sources, electrical safety, and motor control devices such as relays, switches, contactors, and starters.

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