How to Get Your Vocational Training Equipment?

Vocational training equipment has a high value, large size, and heavy weight. Therefore, industrial training equipment transportation has always been a problem that customers are concerned about. When choosing imported teaching equipment, most customers have doubts about shipping costs, packaging methods, mode of transportation, volume weight, etc. Today, we will use an article to answer your doubts.

First, let’s start with the specific process from ordering to receiving vocational training equipment.

Select Your vocational training equipment

Determine the vocational training equipment to be purchased according to your budget and needs. What kind of vocational training equipment to choose needs to consider the equipment’s size, weight, current, power source, etc. In addition to the teaching equipment itself, it is also necessary to take into account the major and the area of the classroom or laboratory where the teaching equipment will be used. The education equipment size is related to the shipping cost and whether the arrangement of each part of the classroom or laboratory is reasonable. By the way,  we not only provide vocational training equipment, but we can also set up an entire classroom or laboratory, from wiring to installation of various instruments can be handed over to us. If you have related needs, you can contact us.

In addition, the selection of equipment should also be based on the major, training content, courses, etc., and select the corresponding equipment type, current, and power source. Different majors have different courses; the same major may have the different training content.

Tell us your purchase list of vocational training equipment

We provide personalized service. After selecting the vocational training equipment, tell us the order quantity, and we will quote you according to the equipment type and amount. There are various quotation methods, such as FOB and CIF. You can choose the appropriate quotation after consideration. After placing the order, you need to pay a deposit of 30%-50% of the total price. The specific amount depends on the careful consideration of the ordered equipment model and quantity. We will contact you to pay the balance after the goods are ready and the equipment is debugged.

Place an order for your vocational training equipment

After you quote, you can place your order. At this time, we will determine some details with you, such as freight price, insurance, delivery method, port of shipment, destination port, consignee, etc.

test vocational training equipment

Our engineers are testing the robotics training equipment.

Process your order

Because the equipment is out of stock, we will stock up after receiving the order, and the stocking time is about 45 days. From the start of stocking to delivery, we will regularly report the progress to you. Dolang strictly controls the quality. Before delivery, we will arrange for engineers to debug and test the equipment. After all indicators meet the standards, we will arrange shipment.

From stocking to delivery, we will take photos and videos to keep files, and provide them to customers in a timely manner, so that customers can also participate in all processes.

Our workers are packaging equipment.

Deliver your equipment

vocational training equipment loading

Before shipment, we will discuss the delivery date with the customer. After the delivery date is determined, we will arrange the loading. After contacting the customer to pay the final payment, we will send the relevant information to the customer for confirmation and send it out after it is correct.

vocational education training equipment loading
vocational training education loading

Dolang is a factory integrating trade and production, with very mature trade experience and R&D capabilities. After receiving the order, we notify the production department to start the production of equipment.

Our advantage is that we have our own factory and can independently develop and produce parts. Therefore, our after-sales system is very complete. When we receive questions from customers during use, we can directly arrange for technicians to find the same model of equipment in the production workshop, test related problems, and answer customers’ questions. We can also directly arrange for staff to go to the workshop to pick up the parts that the customer needs to replace when the customer encounters the problem of parts wear and tear and then send it to the customer. We directly connect with customers and have greater autonomy in the process of cooperation, so we not only provide more favorable prices but also provide the best quality service.

Dolang has been focusing on vocational training equipment for more than 20 years. The equipment produced is exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world. With rich production experience and trade experience, it is your best choice.

Questions you may be concerned about:

1: What about the vocational training equipment packaging method?

The equipment is packed in a plywood wooden case. The plywood box is free of fumigation and inspection, has high load capacity, and is moisture-proof and non-toxic, which reduces complicated procedures and procedures, thereby shortening the delivery time. Plywood boxes are superior to other boxes in terms of strength and durability, so they are better than other boxes in terms of transportation and long-term placement.

2: What about safety of vocational training equipment delivery?

International cargo transportation has long routes, many links, and complex and changeable situations. Whether the equipment can arrive safely and whether it can arrive on time is the concern of all customers. In order to ensure the safety of transportation, we have the following measures:

A: The special merchandiser keeps track of the goods in time

After carefully packing the equipment, we will notify the logistics department to come to the warehouse to load the goods and send them to the port. At this time, all the written information we have also prepared to submit to the customs. After the equipment arrives at the port, it will be released after inspection. During the transportation of the equipment, we will track the transportation status in time until the equipment reaches the destination safely.

B: Buy insurance

We will communicate with customers to choose the most economical and safe transportation route. When the goods arrive at the port for the loading, the customer can send someone to accompany them to check the conditions of the goods and the ship. In order to minimize the risk, we will purchase insurance for the equipment.

3: What is the minimum order quantity?

Because of the high value and large size of vocational training equipment, our company does not have a minimum order quantity. No matter how many orders are placed, we will do our best to give you the best price and provide you with the best service.

4: Is there any additional fees?

When you place an order, the salesman will inform you of all charges and confirm them one by one. There will be no other extra charges except the charges that have been confirmed with you.

5: What about after-sales service?

You may be concerned, after purchasing the equipment, how is our after-sales service? Will we not be responsible for subsequent use problems after you receive the goods? You don’t have to worry about after-sales issues. Dolang is a very mature trading company. In the past 20 years, we have accumulated rich after-sales experience and have been committed to improving user experience. Therefore, we have formed a very complete after-sales system. Now, I will introduce our after-sales service to you.

A: How many years is the warranty period?

Our equipment has a 1-year warranty period. During the 1-year purchase of the equipment, if there is any non-human damage, we will be responsible for all after-sales problems.

B: What should I do if the parts are worn out?

Within 1 year, if any parts are worn out, we will replace them parts for you free of charge, and we will bear the international shipping costs. We have a dedicated parts production department, which shows that we have the production capacity. Even if the product is upgraded, even if you need to replace the parts after many years, we can produce the parts you need according to the file you purchased.

C: What if the equipment is broken?

We have been engaged in international trade for more than 20 years, and our equipment has never suddenly broken down. Dolang equipment is of high quality, and the equipment has passed ISO and CE certifications. We have also sponsored equipment for the World Skills Competition and China Vocational Skills Competition many times, and domestic and foreign universities also generally purchase Dolang’s equipment, which shows that Dolang’s equipment is of high quality. Dolang participates in international education equipment exhibitions every year. Many customers also decide to choose Dolang among many brands after seeing Dolang’s equipment with their own eyes. The experience of orders, exhibitions, and competitions in the past 20 years allow us to confidently tell you that our equipment has never been broken suddenly.

D: Is there any tutorial on how to use the equipment?

The instruction manual of the equipment will be sent to the customer along with the equipment, and we will provide the customer with a video version of the usage tutorial. We provide permanent technical support. If you have any questions during use, you can contact us at any time, and we will arrange for technicians to answer your questions. If you need it, we can also arrange for engineers to travel to your local area to solve your problems face-to-face.

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