Sino-German Dolang and Hong Kong Vocational Training Council jointly build a PLC Training lab

Recently, the PLC professional teacher training jointly carried out by Sino-German Dolang and the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council successfully concluded in the PLC training lab of the Hong Kong Excellence Training and Development Center jointly built by both parties. More than 20 PLC professional teachers from the Pro-Act Training and Development Center participated in this training. The successful construction of this training lab provides a high-standard professional training platform for teachers and students in intelligent manufacturing-related majors of the Pro-Act Training and Development Center.

Sino-German Dolang fully integrates current advanced technologies and develops a series of comprehensive training systems with supporting software and hardware and rich teaching resources for intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, industrial robots, artificial intelligence and other technical fields, which can provide excellent services to the Pro-Act training and development Center. The construction of training development centers and training labs in domestic and foreign universities provides professional-level overall solutions. Schools and enterprises jointly build an industry-education integrated training center that integrates practical teaching, social training, and technical service functions to jointly cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents who can be employed upon graduation and can start working immediately

The joint construction of the PLC training lab at the Hong Kong Excellence Training and Development Center by both parties is a crucial step from comprehensive communication to deep cooperation between China and Germany, and has significant strategic significance. Both sides will collaborate in the fields of PLC, digital twins, and other technologies to jointly cultivate international high-end talents and contribute to Hong Kong’s digital construction.

In recent years, Sino-German Dolang has fully integrated technology and human resources, and established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign institutions in aspects such as student training, teacher training, and technological innovation. By applying new industry knowledge, new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment and new standards, we help teachers introduce the latest technical skills into the classroom in a timely manner, comprehensively promote the construction of high-quality teacher teams with universities, and strive to cultivate existing solid professional theoretical knowledge. , and have high-quality teachers with rich practical experience and exquisite skills, and strive to create a team of professional teachers with noble ethics, superb professional skills, reasonable structure, and full of vitality to serve regional economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading.

The Hong Kong Vocational Training Council (VTC) is the largest vocational and professional education institution in Hong Kong. The joint construction of the PLC training room is a high degree of recognition of each other’s strengths by both parties. It is also an important measure for China and Germany to steadily accelerate the process of internationalization strategy and implement the concept of international development with practical actions. In the future, the two parties will use this as a platform to communicate in terms of talent training, industry-university-research cooperation, etc., explore the formation of a normalized and all-round cooperation mechanism, and work together to build a new highland for the cultivation of high-quality technical and skilled personnel, and empower the high-quality intelligent manufacturing industry develop.



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