The Sino-Thai “Ban * Mo Academy” Construction Conference was Held in Bangkok

Guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics, give full play to the traditional cultural advantages of Shandong Province as the hometown of Luban, the “master of craftsmanship”, Mozi, the “master of Chinese science”, the educational advantages of the highland of national vocational education innovation and development, and the regional advantages of the important intersection of the land and sea Silk Road, make a unified plan to “bring in” and “go out”, and share the achievements of vocational education development with countries that jointly build the “the Belt and Road”, The main task is to serve international industrial cooperation, with school enterprise cooperation as the main mode, and “vocational skills+Chinese” as the main content. Overall planning, active promotion, and step-by-step implementation are carried out to layout and build a group of overseas engineering and technical universities, vocational and technical colleges, and educational sites, cultivate local technical and international talents urgently needed by overseas Chinese enterprises, enhance the employment ability of local people, promote industrial development and improve people’s livelihoods, To shape a grounded and people-centered vocational education overseas “Ban Mo College” brand, injecting educational strength into the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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