Cambodia’s 7th National Technical Vocational Education and Training Day opens grandly, Sino-German Dolang participating in the exhibition to help improve skills

From June 15 to 16, 2024, the 7th National Technical Vocational Education and Training Day of Cambodia was held at the Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Center with the theme of “TVET Learn to Finish”. As an exhibitor, Sino-German Dolang actively participated in the exhibition and contributed its own strength.

Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) is a bridge that provides complete teaching programs and flexible courses in a short period of time, which helps to realize the vision of lifelong learning for the general public, young people and especially workers through skills exchange programs, improve skills and enhance lifelong capabilities to meet the needs of the labor market and the changes in the region and the world economy.

Sino-German Dolang has been committed to promoting international exchanges and cooperation in vocational and technical education. This exhibition not only strengthened the connection between Sino-German Dolang and Cambodia in the field of vocational and technical education, but also, through the joint efforts of both sides in the future, will be able to jointly promote the progress and development of vocational and technical education and provide more young people with high-quality vocational education and training opportunities.

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