DLDS-1214F Electrical Training System

DLDS-1214F electrical installation trainer is designed with reference to the competition ideas of the WorldSkills , combined with the practical training and teaching characteristics of technical schools, and is synchronized with the latest information on the electrical installation project of the WorldSkills, and resources are completely shared.

This electrical training system is a trapezoidal structure. The outer layer is constructed of mesh panels, and the inner layer is composed of five simulated walls.
1.1 Left panel (A)/1200 x 2400 x18mm
1.2 Right panel (B)/1200 x 2400 x18mm
1.3 Front Panel Dimensions
•Panel (1)/2400*1200*18mm 3 pieces
•Panel (2)/2400*410*18mm 1 piece
•Ceiling (D) / Front 2400mm, Rear 1600mm, Depth 1178mm 1 piece
1.4 The angle between the left panel and the main panel is 109°

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