DLIOT-A241 Industrial Automation Network Integration Training System

Two versions are available: H3C and TPLINK

DLIOT-A241 industrial automation network integration training system positioning

1. Realize the interconnection and intercommunication of production and manufacturing equipment. The communication network connects field devices, controllers, HMI, monitoring systems and enterprise management systems. It is the information transmission channel in the industrial production system and plays an important role in the stability and reliability of the industrial production system. At present, industrial network technology is developing in the direction of modern network technology——industrial Ethernet technology and industrial Internet. The use of civilian common Ethernet technology cannot guarantee the integrity of industrial Ethernet implementation, and it is difficult to meet the reliability requirements of industrial-grade communication. Therefore, special training equipment is required

2. Cultivate professional industrial Ethernet and industrial Internet engineers. Through specialized training equipment to meet the needs of industrial development.

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