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Sino-German Dolang and Hong Kong Vocational Training Council jointly build a PLC Training lab

Recently, the PLC professional teacher training jointly carried out by Sino-German Dolang and the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council successfully concluded in the PLC training lab of the Hong Kong Excellence Training and Development Center jointly built by both parties. More than 20 PLC professional teachers from the Pro-Act Training and Development Center participated in…

What Technologies Are Driving Industry 4.0?


The rapid strides made in the technological sphere are mindboggling. Just a couple of centuries back, we saw the introduction of innovations like the power loom. Now we have passed the second and third industrial revolutions and entered into the fourth, which focuses mainly on innovative automation. While the earlier digital revolution used computers they…

Applications of Digital Twin Technology: A Comprehensive Overview


Introduction Digital Twin Technology has become a revolutionary concept in recent years. Moreover, this technology is also transforming industries and sectors. It also connects real-time data using sensors and IoT devices. This technology also helps organizations to improve operations, and make data-driven decisions. This article provides an overview of Digital Twin Technology applications in different…

Digital Twin Technology Training Workbench


Technology is a big boon to industries ushering in newer and innovative tools that enable seamless and successful operations. The digital twin technology is one such modern innovation. It helps to create a digital replica of an industrial device, process, or product. The main benefit is the optimization and enhancement of the physical component in real-time….

Advantages and Disadvantages of PLC Trainer 


Industrial automation is the real deal now. One of the components that make it possible is a PLC or Programmable Logic Controller system. These systems help to streamline processes, enhance efficiency and improve productivity. PLCs are used in various industries to control machinery and equipment. But, PLCs can be complex, and to comprehend their functionalities…

Robotic Training Systems: Making Industry 4.0 A Game Changer for The Manufacturing Sector

industrial robot

The entry of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector has brought about many crucial benefits. Besides automation, an interconnected and digitized manufacturing process is possible now. Robotics is a field that involves the use of automation to perform manual tasks. Industry 4.0 focuses on boosting productivity and efficiency. It aims in better communication of devices,…

The Future of Manufacturing Education: How Industry 4.0 is Transforming the Way We Teach and Learn


The industrial change has made technology an integral part in the manufacturing process. Machines simplify the manufacturing process resulting in enhanced productivity and a high ROI. The use of machines to replace human power is a key factor in the industrial revolution. The four industrial revolutions in the past few centuries have brought about many…

What is the Cost of a PLC Trainer


Industrial automation helps improve accuracy, dependability, and productivity in the workplace. It also boosts employee morale. Industrial automation is enabled by different tools of which the programmable logic controller (PLC) is a significant component. It is similar to industrial computers but differs in being capable of working as a standalone unit. A PLC training kit…

Types of Vocational Training Equipment


Reliable vocational training equipment can aid instructors to teach skills to their students. Using calibrated equipment that is used in the real world can familiarize students with how to work on their job.  Knowing about various training tools can help you better teach or learn, depending on whether you are a teacher or a student….