DLDS-532 Industrial Network Intelligent Control and Maintenance System

This system is based on the industrial network intelligent control and maintenance of typical intelligent manufacturing production lines. It uses industrial network, automatic control, data collection and remote operation and maintenance technologies to complete the integrated debugging and maintenance of intelligent production lines. Students can use this system to implement industrial networks. Solution design, design, selection, assembly and programming and debugging of key industrial network equipment such as firewalls, three-layer switches, smart sensors, programmable controllers, etc. Among them, tasks such as material supply, sorting, assembly, and warehousing are completed at the equipment layer, various data collection and transmission are performed at the edge layer, and digital twins and data dashboards are used at the enterprise layer for digital monitoring and operation and maintenance management. Finally, through the above technologies Route, realize the control and maintenance of intelligent manufacturing production lines based on industrial network technology, and realize diversified and personalized production of orders.

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